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Giving You the “House Edge”

This Gaming Micro-Cap is Bringing the Excitement of Classic Las Vegas Gaming to 6 Billion Mobile Devices 1

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February 3, 2022

Playgon Celebrates Year of the Tiger with Tiger Bonus Baccarat(R) Success

4 Key Ways Playgon Games is Stacking the Deck in their Favor:

The company’s Vegas Lounge platform delivers premium, mobile-focused gaming that competitors can’t match.2

“White Label” platform used by 30 different operators means zero player acquisition cost.3

Just a few months after launch, Playgon had already reached over $54 million in wagering turnover per month.4

Playgon provides direct and diversified exposure to the fast-growing gaming sector.

Global cas-ino and gaming business soared to $6.56 Billion in 2021 as the world came out to party.5

And the fastest-growing segment of this business is, without a doubt, online gaming.

With millions stuck at home in 2020, online gaming soared to $6.567 Billion. It’s expected to grow an average of 11% each year between now and 2027, when experts believe this exciting new market will top $9.888 Billion.6

Combining the real-world stakes of your favorite cas-ino game with the ease of on-demand streaming, these platforms provide irresistible convenience and accessibility for millions worldwide.

And for the few publicly-traded companies specializing in the space, the boom presents an opportunity to transform the world of gaming as we know it.

But no one is changing the game quite like Playgon …

Having a Cas-ino in the Palm of Your Hand

Playgon Games has been trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange under ticker “DEAL” since 2018, and on the OTC Markets under ticker “PLGNF” since early 2021.7

The company does one thing and one thing only; interactive, live, online gaming through it’s Live Dealer software and “Vegas Lounge” platform.2

It’s important that we stop for a moment and consider the sheer difficulty of breaking through into an industry like this. For the user, it’s just a roll of the dice or a spin of the rou-lette wheel. But for Playgon, it’s been years of careful coding and software development that needs to run perfectly every time and everywhere.

In practical terms, that means most competitors started with a “legacy” code base; converting an older streaming product into something that would meet the regulatory needs of their target nation. Some of these competitors are even blocked by American Internet Service Providers, only available via the use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Playgon Games, meanwhile, has been building a whole new platform (Vegas Lounge) from the ground up since 2016.

That means, unlike every other gaming platform out there, it’s specifically designed for mobile—instead of being designed for desktop but then adapted to mobile.

The difference may not sound like much … not until you start using the software for yourself, at least. It’s designed to look great in portrait mode, which makes up over 85+% of mobile use, allowing users to easily game one-handed. It’s also easy to join and play in multiple games at once—something most gamers prefer.

In reality, Playgon’s move to meet the mobile audience is something the industry has desperately needed.

It’s estimated there are some 6 billion mobile devices worldwide, and in Asian communities, almost 65% of all traffic is conducted on mobile platforms. In Europe, it’s over 50%.8

When it comes to this kind of gaming, “Desktop is Dead,” and the company’s mobile-focused approach is calculated to reach the “most sought-after” higher value returning players.9

It appears to be working as the wagering turnover has increased from $1.4 million in August to OVER $54 Million by October 28th, 2021!

And developing the next “Killer App” isn’t the only thing they’re doing to capture this most elite clientele …d

The Magic of Las Vegas—on Demand

You may have already seen some of Playgon’s competitors streaming games like Tex-as Hold ‘em Po-ker through a variety of different platforms.

Sometimes, these games will even have a live dealer with a video feed. And more often than not, the dealer is speaking in heavily-accented English, rushing through each hand without all that much player engagement.

Where’s the fun in that?

Meanwhile, just take a glimpse at Playgon’s Vegas Lounge, featuring professionally-trained Las Vegas dealers and offering exciting games like Bac-carat, Black-jack and Rou-lette:
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The difference is like night and day.

Vegas Lounge dealers are energetic and engaging, taking their time to make a memorable experience while allowing players to enjoy the game at their leisure.

Comparing this level of service to competitors’ platforms is like comparing Las Vegas to Reno. They’re simply not even in the same ballpark. Playgon has gone well out of their way to deliver the look, the feel, and the excitement of trying your luck on the Las Vegas Strip.

Players are starting to recognize that fact too; with turnover rocketing up millions monthly through 2021.4

And while players definitely like the new platform, cas-inos and gaming companies are in love with it …

Playgon’s “Win-Win” White Label Strategy

Because Playgon’s Live Dealer software integrates directly into a cas-ino’s existing infrastructure.

Same branding. Same quality of experience and compliance, but once a player steps through the digital “door,” they’re delivered to Playgon’s Vegas Lounge for their game.

For a massive cas-ino operation, that kind of turnkey integration is a godsend.

It allows them to start cashing in on one of the market’s fastest-growing segments without undertaking massive costs to build out a new division or hire an army of software experts.

With Playgon, they can even offer “Intraproperty Gaming”—allowing patrons to game from anywhere at the resort. Enjoying your time out by the pool at the MGM Grand, but feeling like a spin at the rou-lette wheel? Just grab your smartphone. Want to play a few rounds of black-jack without leaving the conference? No problem at all.

Once again, this kind of feature is worth an absolute fortune to every major resort cas-ino around the world.

But with Playgon Games, they get it all for just 6-12% of the gross gaming revenue. And with Playgon’s contract, that revenue is set to exclude all player winnings.9

That means when the house wins, Playgon wins. When the house losesPlaygon still wins.

A Purpose-Built Money Making Machine

As you can see, Playgon Games is going “all-in” on a technological revolution in the gaming industry …

No need to compete with the cas-inos. No need for a bloated, outdated media empire or even a marketing budget. Playgon proudly spends zero on new Customer Acquisition, compared with DraftKings’ jaw-dropping $370 spent per new customer.

Instead of competing with the biggest names in gaming, Playgon works alongside them globally—thanks to a Type 1 License from Malta’s Gaming Authority.

Playgon’s Live Dealer software plugs directly into existing operator infrastructure for a seamless gaming experience that’s better for everyone involved, from the dealer to the gamer and even the house.

Providing a more polished, more upscale gaming experience to a more sophisticated market—along with a refreshing variety of table games from Bac-carat to Black-Jack—Playgon and their Vegas Lounge software are set to make massive waves in this $6.56+ Billion industry.

It’s quite likely Playgon Games could continue to see breakout revenues in 2022.

For all these reasons and more, Playgon Games definitely belongs on your watchlist …